Andrei W. Konradi, Ph.D.

Head of Chemistry

Andrei W. Konradi, Ph.D. is head of chemistry at Vivace Therapeutics. Prior to joining Vivace, he was the principal of Konradi Molecular and senior director of medicinal chemistry at Elan Pharmaceuticals. During his career, Dr. Konradi has conceived of new compound classes that have led to six drug candidates tested in humans, including four integrin inhibitors for autoimmune diseases and two protease inhibitors for Alzheimer’s. He has authored 38 peer-reviewed journal articles and is an inventor on 61 U.S. patents. Dr. Konradi completed a B.S. in chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctorate in organic chemistry at Berkeley; he then served as postdoctoral fellow in bioorganic chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute.

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